4th International Street Lighting and Smart Controls Conference

Why Attend

Why you should attend the 4th International Street Lighting +Smart Controls Conference 2019

Council CEOs, CFOs and Asset Managers throughout Australia and New Zealand face a common set of challenges: how to harness the newly available LED road lighting technologies and smart control techniques, to quantify the relative performance, and to make procurement decisions that indemnify councils from technical and operational risk. This conference provides a rare and stimulating opportunity to meet with a large number of overseas leaders, local specialists and industry peers to discuss issues and solutions that specifically target the needs of the New Zealand and Australian road lighting communities.

Themed Get Smart City Ready, the 2019 conference will build upon the learnings and outcomes of SLP’s award-winning 2014 and 2015 road lighting conferences in New Zealand, and the 2017 International Street Lighting + Smart Controls Conference held in Brisbane.

After introducing the superstars of the street lighting world to Australia in 2017, IPWEA’s eagerly awaited 4th International Street Lighting + Smart Controls Conference will continue to lead. Surveys of 2017’s event resulted in 90% of attendees stating the conference was “excellent or exceeded their expectations”, with speaker and exhibitor feedback equally as strong. 

About the SLSC Programme

This conference is hosted by IPWEA, the peak professional organisation providing member services and advocacy for those involved in and delivering public works infrastructure and engineering services to their communities throughout Australia and New Zealand. It has more than 4000 members who work in the wide range of professions involved in public works and service.

IPWEA recently established the Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SLSC) Programme to measurably increase the deployment of LED lighting and smart controls in Australasia. The SLSC Programme is supported by the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy, major industry leaders and peak industry organisations. The 4th International Street Lighting + Smart Controls Conference will support the SLSC programme goals.

Who Should Attend

The programme is designed for both the public and private sector.  Mayors, General Managers, CEOs, technical and finance managers, and political decision makers responsible for governing and managing road lighting infrastructure and electricity networks in New Zealand and Australia as well as professionals in road lighting equipment, smart poles, advisory services, contracting services and urban development and design.  Decision makers and practitioners interested in energy efficiency, urban design and road safety will find this a first-class opportunity for professional development and business networking.

Key Conference Topics

The conference features nineteen top international speakers showcasing some of the largest and most innovative LED and smart controls upgrades in the world (Georgia Power – USA, Singapore, Doncaster – UK, Helsinki – Finland and Chicago – USA) and in our region (Southern Lights NSW Project, Dunedin City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council).

Eight of the world’s top smart lighting controls experts are speaking including Dr Michael Poplawski (US Dept of Energy), Dr Robert Karlicek (Rensselaer Polytechnic – USA), and Chris Testa (Northeast Group – USA) providing an international market overview of this rapidly developing field. Dr Ron Gibbons (Virginia Tech – USA) and Dr Dionyz Gasparovsky (International Commission on Illumination – Slovakia) will explore the advantages and implications of using smart controls to deliver adaptive lighting.

Dr Dee Denteneer (Secretary General of the Zhaga Consortium – Netherlands), Harry Verhaar (Signify – Netherlands), Geoff Schomburgk (AccessTel – Australia), Nancy Clanton (Clanton & Assoc – USA) and Christophe Orceau (TALQ Consortium – France) will all address the growing relevance of street lighting to the smart city and how interconnectivity with sensors and telecoms is playing an ever increasing role in this space.

Speaking on the growing debate about the effects of public lighting on human health and wildlife will be Dr Bruce Kinzey (US Dept of Energy), Prof Fred Watson (Australian Astronomer-at-Large), Dr Kellie Pendoley (Pendoley Environmental) and Dr George Brainard (Thomas Jefferson University – USA).

Also, leading presentations from:

  • Graham Colclough (The Humble Lamppost initiative) managing the world leading European Commission initiative on the mass deployment of multi-function poles
  • NSW Department of Planning & Environment (new Public Lighting Code) – TBC
  • CEFC-sponsored Model Business Case for Street Lighting & Smart Controls – TBC
  • Rob McKenna (NCBA) on the range of environmental credits available to support project deployment
  • Michael Erbesfeld (NEMA, USA), Adam Carey (Elumenarti, AUS) and Vi Le (Standards Australia, AUS) on the developments in both North American and ANZ lighting, smart controls and smart city standards

Don’t miss the optional masterclass (5 April 2019)Business case breakthroughs with smart street lighting assets” with Justin Harmond, Lighting & Smart Services Operations Manager, Georgia Power and Graham Colclough, Chair of the European Commission Innovation Partnership for Smart & Sustainable Cities and Lead for EU ‘Humble Lamppost’ initiative.



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