An award-winning street lighting conference featuring the latest in LED lighting and smart controls

The 4th International Street Lighting + Smart Controls conference is  a world class event featuring nineteen top international speakers showcasing some of the largest and most innovative LED and smart controls upgrades in the world (Georgia Power – USA, Singapore, Doncaster – UK, Helsinki – Finland and Chicago – USA) and in our region (Southern Lights NSW Project, Dunedin City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council).


This conference provides a rare and stimulating opportunity to discuss issues and solutions that specifically target the needs of the New Zealand and Australian road lighting communities.


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LED lighting is driving a revolution in road lighting infrastructure that will support our smart cities of the future.

Themed Get Smart City Ready, the 2019 conference will build upon the learnings and outcomes of SLP’s award-winning 2014 and 2015 road lighting conferences in New Zealand, and the 2017 International Street Lighting + Smart Controls Conference held in Brisbane. Surveys of 2017’s event resulted in 90% of attendees stating the conference was “excellent or exceeded their expectations”, with speaker and exhibitor feedback equally as strong.

After introducing the superstars of the street lighting world to Australia in 2017, IPWEA’s eagerly awaited 4th International Street Lighting + Smart Controls Conference will continue to lead.

While still showcasing recent street lighting deployments, the conference will also focus on the next steps needed to accelerate the roll-out of large-scale street lighting and smart controls. LED street lighting and integrated smart controls are the DNA and backbone infrastructure that will make smart and connected cities become a reality.

Invitations to sponsors and exhibitors to be part of this industry leading conference on street lighting and smart controls are now open.

LED lighting uses half the electricity of high pressure sodium lighting, reduces maintenance costs by more than 50%, allows for easier and more precise lighting control, and helps create safer conditions for road users. It establishes the DNA of the flexible electronic network required to help us make the transformation to smart cities. 

Proudly presented by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) in conjunction with SLP (New Zealand), this conference underpins the objectives and goals of the Street Light and Smart Controls (SLSC) Programme.

The SLSC Programme is backed by the Australian Government Department of Energy and Environment and the Commonwealth, State and Territory and New Zealand Equipment, Energy Efficiency Program. The SLSC Council consists of Government, peak industry organisations and the major industry leaders. The TAG (Technical Advisory Group) has over 30 specialist organisations as members.

Join us in Australia’s world class city, Sydney, 2-4 April at the 4th International Street Lighting + Smart Controls Conference – the road lighting conference at which you can learn first-hand from the experts who are managing the world’s largest LED retrofits. Meet the people who could help you design, construct and finance the project, and manage and underwrite the risk. Network with lighting engineers and project managers who are introducing the new technologies to New Zealand and Australia.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Ben Balov

A/Chief Executive Officer


“It was the BEST smart lighting conference I have attended. This is the first time I noticed that the delegates were really starting to get excited about this and have a better idea of the possibilities. It was very well done.”

Jacek Lipiec, Systems Sales Specialist – Outdoor, Philips Lighting Australia

“I would like to sincerely thank you
and congratulate you for an amazing conference. It was a pleasure to be associated with this conference as speakers and we really enjoyed the great organisation, the amazing people and the rich content.”

Antoine Kassis, Manager Partner, Kurrant

“Outstanding! Speakers were leaders in their field and provided ‘real world’ insights to their achievements and experiences.
I congratulate IPWEA for conducting a very successful conference.”

Craig Marschall, Managing Director, Trans Tasman Energy Group

“I just would like to say a big thank you for the incredible, well organised, and very relevant presentations that were delivered. It was certainly from my point of view a GREAT event to be part of.”

Remko Verschuur, Strategic Lighting Engineer, Current Powered by GE



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